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How to See Your Comments on Tiktok and How to See Comment History on Tiktok

If you are looking for a way to how to see your comments on TikTok, we have put together this article. It is going to show you how to find your comment on TikTok. This article is going to give you the steps that you need.

I found this method myself and it is totally safe. If you want, how to see all the comments you made on tiktok you can read the article once and be sure before trying it.
Now we start the tutorial on

how to see your comments on tiktok

First go to tiktok. Then click on your profile at the bottom right. Here click on the three lines at the top right and click on Settings and privacy. Then click on privacy. Lastly, click on download your data.

Page like this opens as you can see here. Here it asks if you want to download your data in json format or txt format.

You choose the txt format and press the request data. Now it’s left to wait for tiktok to give our data. This process can take up to 4 days.

It took 2 days for my data to arrive. I will not wait as I have done this before. But you may have to wait.

Remember we have to check our data. Because our data goes after a certain period of time after it arrives. If so, you will have to do the same thing again and wait. You checked your data every day and you saw that it came.

Now We Start The Second Part

How to Find Your Comment on TikTok and How to Get Them

Just like you did in the first part, you come to your account first. Then click on settings and privacy. Click on privacy. Finally, click on the download of your data. This time, on the page that opens, click on the part that says download data.

You have data as you can see here. Here you press the download. It redirects us to another page. Here you need to log in to your account for security. If like me, you have logged into your account with another social media such as Facebook, you may need to enter your tik tok password.

After entering your password, click on continue. Your data has started to download. As you can see the download is complete. Now you need to extract the files of the .zip file that you have downloaded.

Now read carefully how to see your comments on tiktok

You go into the file manager of your phone. Depending on the phone brand you use, your file manager application may vary, but there will be no problems.

After entering the file manager, wait 5-10 seconds, and the application will refresh. After refreshing, You see the file that you have downloaded here. Click on this file and press extract. Here, it will ask where you want to extract the file. Here, you press extract without selecting a place. After the extraction is complete, you can see the folder where your data is when you scroll the page towards the letter t. but if you don’t have it directly, come to the file manager main menu and click on the folder icon. And scroll all the way to the letter t. After You find the folder that you extracted the files from, you click on the folder.
There are other subfolders here. Click on the Comments folder.

Then click on the comment.txt file. Here it will ask which application you want to open the file with. You can choose Chrome.

I open it with the docs application so that it looks more clear. And yes, as you can see your comments on tiktok
you have posted on tiktok here. With date and time.

In the same way, you can see the first comment you posted on tik tok by scrolling down. And when you scroll down to the bottom, you see your first comment.

My first comment was “heeeey”. What is your first comment? You can write in the comments section. In the data you have downloaded, you can also see who and what you are talking to in DM. For this, you come to the folders section and this time click on the direct messages folder. And here click on the file. As in the comments, you choose the application to open the file. And as in the comments, you can see what you have written with the date and time.

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