How to Get WhatsApp Single Tick But Online? What Is WhatsApp Single Tick But Online?

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Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging apps, founded in 2009. It’s a  freeware, cross-platform, centralized instant messaging (IM) and voice-over-IP (VoIP) application. Without a doubt, we can say, it’s the most used platform for messaging someone or interacting verbally. As per the meta’s data, it has 2 billion monthly users.

What is WhatsApp Single Tick But Online?

Now as per the interface, we know when someone texts another, and he or she makes that text seen, or at least if the text is delivered to him or her, it will be a double tick or blue double tick. And we know, if the text receiver is online then it’s sure that that will be a double tick. But WhatsApp single tick but online mainly means either the receivers facing poor internet connection, the server is low or in maintenance, or the person blocked you, or he or she is using a third-party App like GB WhatsApp.

Did you want this single tick thing as a benefit of yours or for your privacy purposes?

Then stick with us throughout this article and we will let you know how to be online without letting anyone know someone, with the help of this “WhatsApp single tick but online” trick.

WhatsApp Founders & WhatsApp history

Former employees of Yahoo!, Brian Acton and Jan Koum, founded WhatsApp in 2009, as an application that provides dynamic information about the people documented in anyone’s address book. Initially, it was not a messaging app. Here dynamic information stands for, the status of each person, someone is on call, someone is in the gym or someone is on low battery, etc. Jan Koum named the app WhatsApp which will sound like “what’s up”. At first, it was not going well, Koum keeps updating WhatsApp so that users are notified when someone’s status changes. And it makes a huge difference, out of nowhere a new kind of instant messaging facility took birth.
On August 2009 WhatsApp 2.0 was released with the sole purpose of standing as a messaging app. And the user suddenly increases to 250,000 from hand full. After that, there was lots of funding and development and on 19 February 2014, Facebook, which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg bought WhatsApp for 21.8 billion, but at first, the price tag was 16 billion, which seems dwarf in front of the final selling price.
As per Meta’s data, Currently in 2023, WhatsApp have 2.26 billion monthly active users. And surprisingly India has 487.5 million users nowadays which is the highest among all countries.

WhatsApp Single Tick But Online What It Means?

Whatsapp,  being a  messaging app, provides a seamless feature. Just with a little bit of internet connection, one can send a message to another person, no matter what he or she is in which corner of this earth. All it needs is an internet connection and the receiver must be a whats app user. Now before knowing the Whats app single tick but online, you have to understand some basics of WhatsApp.
Whenever a person messages someone on WhatsApp, instantly just below the message one should notice a single tick symbol. It means the message is out from your side for the receiver. Now if the receiver didn’t enable his or her internet connection, then the message wouldn’t be delivered to him or her, and the single tick will remain the same. But whenever the receiver enables the internet connection the single tick symbol will change into a double tick, which means the message is delivered to the receiver. And after the receiver opens the message the double tick will turn blue, which means the receiver saw it. Now the thing is,  sometimes we get confused by seeing the single tick and getting a reply from the receiver. It seems like neither he nor she received the message nor saw it, but he or she is replying, which means of course they received and saw it, isn’t it?

Stay clear, it can happen due to a poor internet connection, malfunction of the software, a problem in the server, or when someone uses third-party apps which can enable this thing as a feature, like GB WhatsApp. This is why this phenomenon of WhatsApp single tick but online occurs.

How to Enable WhatsApp Single Tick But Online?

You can use a third-party app to enable this “WhatsApp single tick but online” feature. But it comes with a cost, there will be no trace of privacy, the message will not be end to end encrypted and there is a massive chance of piracy of all your message data calls, and video. Your every single data will be pirated by the third-party app.
WhatsApp single tick but online only occurs when the network will be weak, or there is some problem in the server. Or there is another thing that makes this event happen like you text someone and he doesn’t see it and right then goes offline, so after going offline for the next 10 to 15 seconds WhatsApp shows the online status. So basically it’s impossible to get this single tick online feature rather than giving your privacy in the hands of a third-party app for piracy, but there is always a way, come let’s check it.

How to Possible What's app Single Tick But Online:

Despite being online, if someone texts you, he or she notices a single tick, whereas it has to double one, but whenever you will open your whats app it will be double ticked. The thing is until you open your WhatsApp it will be single-ticked, but if you open it once it’s not possible.

  • The process is to go to your phone setting, then select the notification, and turn off the WhatsApp notification.

  • Now another process is to go to your WhatsApp setting and turn off the read receipts option. By this, when anyone will text you, he or she will see a double tick, even though your phone is online, you saw the message and WhatsApp is open also, it will not be a blue double tick to the sender. You will be able to see those messages by opening WhatsApp and not letting the sender.
step by step how to get WhatsApp single tick but online
  • And the last and final trick is only possible if you have a Redmi or mi handset. Go to the security option, then to data usage, and then to restrict data usage. Here you have to turn on the restricted data usage for WhatsApp. By this, you can be online, without letting someone know, and the sender will see a single tick.

This post is only for educational purposes, not for spreading any kind of wrong intention or hate. Always go through research before changing the setting of your phone. For any kind of damage or inappropriate function of the phone,  this website is not liable.

WhatsApp Single Tick But Online - FAQs:

WhatsApp single tick means, when you send a message to someone, the message is out from your side but the receiver doesn't receive that, or we can say it's not delivered to the receiver.

To see a single tick message on whats app, the receiver to whom you are sending the message should turn off his or her internet connection, and you can see a single tick below your sent message, as it's not delivered, it will show a single tick.

There is no such inbuilt setting or option in WhatsApp to avoid double ticks, you can use a third-party app, but it is harmful to your privacy. It can pirate all your data.

First, make your internet connection on and open WhatsApp.

Step 2: Click on the three dots, which will be in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Go to settings, and then to privacy. 

Step 4:  Turn off the read receipts option.

Your WhatsApp’s blue ticks will be disabled. And the same will happen to you also, you will not know if someone seeing your message or not.

Step 1: Open your WhatsApp and click on the three dots in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Go to settings and then to privacy, click on the 1st option, last seen, and online.

Step 3: Then select, nobody can see my last seen option.

Your last seen will be disabled.

It is impossible to do so with the official  WhatsApp application, it can only occur due to network problems or when the server is down, or else it can be done by third-party apps, which is harmful to your privacy.

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